The vision of IPMD as NGO is through its programs and activities to influence the creation of a society of equal citizens based on values, trust, mutual cooperation, social cohesion, sustainable eco and socio-economic development and cultural diversity.

The mission of IPMD is to encourage and initiate changes in society by proposing, supporting and promoting standard and alternative solutions for improving the social context and stimulating progress in key areas of action.

The IPMD team is focused on developing a better and more sustainable future together using the relationship with its partners, affiliates and professional and CSO networks. IPMD partners with entities from the public and private sector supporting sustainable practices and institutional growth with project planning and management, expertise, training, innovation, research, analysis, developing policies and strategy planning and implementation.


Nena Minchev is the Projects Coordinator and Founder at the Institute of Project Management and Development. She has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture (University “St. Cyril and Methodius”-Skopje, Macedonia and now is pursuing her Master Degree in TV and Film Production at the University of Audiovisual Arts, European Film Academy, EFTA – Skopje. She is also creator and producer of the children’s educational and scientific TV show “Nena and Robbie”.  She has a Youthpass Certificates in Non-formal education and in Media and Information literacy. Areas of expertise: TV and Film production, non-formal education, project management, architecture and engineering.

Adrijana Bulevska Zarikj serves as Treasury and Founder of the Institute of Project Management and Development. She is a financial consultant at M&S Financial consulting Skopje. Her areas of expertise cover mostly finance, accounting, investments, entrepreneurship and SME management and venture capital. Her PhD thesis is in the area of investment and economic growth is titled: The impact of venture capital investment on economic growth. She is docent at the European Center for Peace and Development in Belgrade, Serbia, covering subjects in the area of finance, and she has experience in teaching finance and accounting at the Integrated Business Faculty and Institute in Skopje. She has experience working on projects involving improvement of business climate, entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship and employment. Areas of expertise: TV and Film production, finance, accounting, economic growth, SME finance and management, entrepreneurship.

Ivan Minchev is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of forestry in Skopje, University “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, dept. Land and Water. His academic work is consisted of working in the fields of erosion and torrent control, geographic Information systems, remote sensing and management of natural resources. He has extensive knowledge in GIS and spatial data management and more than 10 years of experience with GIS in several projects through local and international working teams, extensive knowledge in Remote Sensing: photo-interpretation, semiautomatic pixel-based and object-based classification of imagery and further analyses. Master thesis: “Land cover mapping using object based classification of medium-high and high resolution imagery”. He is a co-author of one book and has published and presented several papers on international scientific conferences. Areas of expertise: GIS, remote sensing, erosion and torrent control, environmental management and management of natural resources. He serves as a Vice President.

Branka Mincheva Kocevska (PhD) is Expert and Consultant of HRM. She also have significant teaching experience for high school and university students. She hold a PhD in philosophical sciences from the University St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. Her major interests are ethical issues concerning the contemporary world in various aspects of life, such as peace building, sustainable development, education for growth, globalization etc. She have published a book based on her research of idea of Universal ethics, and is the author and co-author of several scientific articles concerning ethical issues, but also a co-author of several documents for Macedonian civil service. She is also deeply involved in the Public administration reform process contributing through engagement in many projects as well as working as a trainer for various themes in the area of administration. Mrs. Mincheva Kocevska is also co-author of Standards for Human Resources Management and the Rule-book for gender mainstreaming in the institution on central level in Macedonian administration. Areas of expertise: ethics, peace studies, human resources management, organizational management, public administration, public policy, gender issues. She serves as Secretary at IPMD-Skopje.

Rumena Shopova serves as volunteer at IPMD-Skopje. She is a graduate and specialized actress, Macedonian Language Assistant and currently a Master’s Degree in Theater Directing at the Faculty of Audiovisual Arts ” EFTA- Skopje”. Her work begins in professional theaters as an actor in Drama Theater – Skopje with minor role and later she plays in the Theater in Veles, as well in alternatives theatres – the Franco-Macedonian project held in Caen, France. In addition, that year she is participating in a workshop at the “Philosophical Film Festival”. She has directed couple of professional and amateur, theater plays. Through IPMD-Skopje, in collaboration with EFTA Skopje, she was engaged as a second assistant director on two short films, and as casting director and acting coach for “Baking Tuesday”.

Claire Lazevski is the Elementary School Curriculum Coordinator at Nova International School, Skopje. Claire’s background includes earning a BA(Hons) in Social Sciences, (Edinburgh Napier University, UK) and a PGCE – Professional Graduate Certificate in Education, (Sunderland University, UK). Claire has worked in the field of education, in various roles, for over 15 years.  Her previous experience includes: Teaching English as a Second Language to adults (general English courses and business English courses within large multinational companies in the luxury goods and hi-tech industries); Teaching English as a Second Language to children; several years experience as an elementary teacher in International schools; working in the Learning & Development field in the banking & insurance sectors in London, she was part of a small, highly functioning team which created an in-house “Academy” which provided various development opportunities to staff worldwide; she also managed large scale training programs and corporate events in the City of London.  Areas of expertise: Education & Event Management.