1. The play “BLUE ROSE” based on motifs from “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams

2. “We value the nature”

“Šar Mountains (Шар Планина), Crno Ezero (Црно Езеро)” Supported by: Ministry of Environment & Physical Planning of the Republic of North Macedonia Beneficiaries: Municipality of Vrapciste and Municipality of Bogovinje Implemented by: Treefor Produced by: IPMD-Skopje in collaboration with Zootrop Studio & Camera Obscura Hub.

3. Indie Short Film “BAKING TUESDAY”

Short film “Baking Tuesday” – another cooperation between the next generation of filmmakers and IPMD-Skopje. Directed by John Sarkanjac, script and produced by Nena Minchev.

4. Indie Short Film “ACE”

5. YAMMS (Young American Musicians to Macedonia and Serbia)

IPMD-Skopje with a representative was part of the YAMMS (Young American Musicians to Macedonia and Serbia) trip to Serbia and North Macedonia. The trip was part of the YES Project where the objective was to bring together professional performing musicians, teaching artists, and youth from Serbian and Macedonian Roma village communities with professional performing musicians, teaching artists, and youth from the Balkan music and dance community in the US, in workshop and performance settings. They created and shared experiences in building connections between the communities through teaching and learning traditional Balkan Romani music.

6. Student Short Movie “Absent presence”

IPMD-Skopje supported and co-produced the short film “Absent presence”. This is the first of many filmed projects to come, where we support young filmmakers in sharing their visions and ideas.

7. PlayUK Arcadia Festival

As part of the PlayUK program, the president of IPMD-Skopje was representative at the workshop “Living Room of the Future” was held at the digital festival in Skopje, organized by British Council.
The idea of the workshop was to create a new storytelling, not just for media, for everyday life, with new experiences.

8. TV Serial “Nena and Robbie (The League of Extraordinary Children)”

The goal of the project “Nena and Robbie” is to improve the media space with a mother tongue video broadcast in the countries covered by the project. The children’s production “Nena and Robbie”, through research, factual studies, experimentation in various areas of education, as well as perceiving different cultures and languages, sports and arts, combined with fun, play and jokes, will contribute to the improvement of children’s knowledge.
The aim is to inspire young learners through entertaining, interactive and creative episodes, where their knowledge would be implemented by experiments carried out in the laboratory (which can be done at home) or outdoors (walks and careless play in nature), visits to scientific institutions, as well as stories told by collages which will transport children out of the monotonous everyday life an into the world of Nena and Robbie.

The project is in development.

PILOT TEASER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4Ez2rCIcTc

9. Theater for all- Театар за сите

Theater for all has different programs, designed for different age groups and educational purposes. At the moment, we have programs for high school students and adults that are taking place in pre-defined terms, in the form of two-level theater lessons: beginners and advanced. The program for high school students lasts 3 months, and the program for adults is 4 months. After successful tracking of each of the levels – participants receive a certificate. We also develop programs for theater trainings and / or team building with the aim of developing the following skills: communication skills, presentation skills and leadership skills. The theme and content of these programs varies depending on requirements of companies and customers. The founder and instructor of the current programs in Skopje is IPMD’s member, Milosh B. Andonovski, a graduated theater director and certified adult trainer. Theater for all- Театар за сите  was running though IPMD-Skopje from September/ 2018 – January/ 2020.