Partnership for growth

We are trilled to announce the partnership with Camera Obscura (Media & Entertainment Hub)!

As a non-profit organization, IPMD-Skopje, together with Camera Obscura (Media & Entertainment Hub) is going beyond providing digital, media, audiovisual trainings and non-formal education. We want to help our creatives achieve their dreams – initiatives like the Camera Obscura Hub – Program makes it possible.

The media and entertainment hub is a creative space for collaboration, production, exhibitions and audio-visual projections. It is intended for connecting, educating and socializing: independent directors, graphic animators, designers, influencers, and other creative people are welcome to learn and develop their original artistic and visual aesthetic concepts in film, audio, video, artistic and other media production.

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“Baking Tuesday” at International Micro Festival 2020, Greece

Happy to announce that our short film “Baking Tuesday” has been selected and it will be screened in “International Film Section” International Micro Festival 2020, Greece.

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“We value the nature”

We are proud of our team and the collaborations.

“We value the nature” is project implemented by the NGO Treefor, supported by the Ministry of Environment & Physical Planning of the Republic of North Macedonia. The beneficiaries are the Municipality of Vrapciste and Municipality of Bogovinje in promotion and protection of the nature of Sar Mountain.

We must admit, it was an incredible day of hiking, exploring the nature and producing!


Film Critic

We are glad to announce that one of our young filmmakers, director Jovan Sarkanjac, is also a film critic.

You may ask yourself: What is a film critic?

The role of a film critic is to guide the reader through the movie: its narrative and cinematography, the different layers of its characters, and to underline why it is an interesting piece of art, or not. In other words, shedding light on what a movie has to offer visually, other than its story, and providing keys to the storytelling. 

How do you become a film critic?

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